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i just realized that maria hill reports directly to fury and natasha reports directly to fury and melinda may reports directly to fury and they’re the only ones we see regularly speaking to him

all three of director fury’s closest lieutenants are women how metal is that

#and everyone who rebelled and joined Hydra was a dude #at least the characters with names #just goes to show #in a pinch #trust a woman to get the job done

Nick Fury knows what’s up.



it’s really not a coincidence that winter soldier is being talked about as the best marvel movie yet

when you give women and poc the same importance and development as you do your white males, amazing things happen

#like you would NOT have this movie without natasha sam maria and nick#chris sebastian and redford were amazing in it but to have women and poc be PIVOTAL to the plot#and be actual fleshed out important characters is just#!!!!!! idek how to describe it#but it also makes me sad because this movie PROVED that it’s totally possible to have more diversity#it’s just that people aren’t willing to include it in their films

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